“It’s who we are, it’s what we do.”

When most people think of art, they imagine painters, sculptors, photographers, authors, and musicians. DryArt Salon creates an environment within the  salon that encompasses all of the elements of artistry. Hair design is one of the most critical and criticized arts, always open for the world to see each and every day. It is not confined to a single exhibit, or the halls of a gallery, but is always on display. Hair designers paint, sculpt, and design. Hair is their art, and we are the artists!

Clients see the artistry in cutting and blow-drying techniques, color services, brow bar, and also within each stylist that makes the DryArt Salon team one foundational unit. Services are tailored to customers’ individual needs.


When you step into DryArt, the large open space emits rustic glamour through the concrete floors, wooden details, crystal lighting, curved seating, and metal accents. All of these elements work together to give an energetic sense of fluidity and grace. There is a welcoming aura and the environment is low-key and natural, not forced.

DryArt Salon

At DryArt Salon, we cut hair dry. It gives our clients a superior haircut with any hair texture. Dry Cutting allows the stylist to see the natural fall and movement of the hair. Simply put, what you see is what you get. There is no guessing what your hair will look like when you style it yourself. Our commitment is to give our best, which runs throughout every one of our services. With us, you're in good hands, where hair is art and we are the artists.

Cancellations of all salon services require a 48-hour notice. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

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Salon Hours
Tuesday: 11am–7pm
Wednesday–Friday 9am–8pm
Saturday 9am–6pm